Business & Economy Personal Finance Why The Singapore Personal Finance Community Is Important

Why The Singapore Personal Finance Community Is Important

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Since 2015, Seedly’s mission has always been about helping our community make smarter financial decisions. We work on relevant articles and stories together with an aggregator app to serve this big mission.

Seedly Community

Personal finance is a mindset

We used to think that personal finance was a complicated and confounding mess… but soon we start to realize that it was designed this way to make the common man on the street believe that it was impossible to do this on his/her own. Thus it soon became a biased over-sold industry. We are here to lift the veil and make it simple for everyone in our unbiased and inclusive community.

Community Overall

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In Singapore, the cost of living has been going up and the game of money has become even more important to master. We used to think it was possible to cover all of the different categories like savings, investing, insurance etc. by ourselves but we’ve come to realize how initially optimistic we were. We can’t do it because personal finance is way too big and we cannot be the expert for every category. Also, we found that especially in personal finance, the best advice comes from the ‘smarter students in the classroom’ and finally that is why every single one of you in our community is crucial to fulfilling this mission:

Helping Each Other Make Smarter Financial Decisions

Our friendly community members are folks residing in Singapore who are passionate about getting better at managing money and sharing their journey with others. We write and share articles or participate in a discussion in the form of comments and polls. We stay focused and do not post promotional or advertorial material.

Seedly Meetup

Why you should join the Seedly community ????

Being a part of the Seedly community requires engagement to share and learn from one another, at the end of the day, you get out as much as you put in. We are also well aware that all Seedly community members are looking to exchange their hard work for things that they value which is where we are looking to create a win-win relationship together. Here are some of the key reasons below.

Questions and Answers

Sharing knowledge and ideas

  • Sharpen your thoughts with exposure to new concepts like P2P investing, Robo-Advisory and Cryptocurrencies
  • Help each other get better at our money with a list of recommended tools by the community to save on a daily basis!

Part of a big mission

  • Make friendships and join new networks
  • Learn from each other as we have frequent bi-monthly meetups with us providing unbiased content and sumptuous food!

In life, you are often the average of those who you hang around with. And today, it’s often what you see when you head over to social media. So why not participate and learn in an unbiased, carefree way? ????

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