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Why Are Men Afraid of Commitment?




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Girls have always been complaining about guys being cheaters, liars, and just worse than women are. Though this is an exaggeration, there is yet a thing that we have heard for billion times or more. Girls hate the fact that guys do not want to commit! Recent studies approved that women have a stronger inclination to a committed relationship. This type of partnership also includes monogamy (sexual fidelity), openness, trust, and other similar constituent elements. Does not sound bad, eh? So why are we terrified of commitment? Our team and experts from Romance Compace  where you can find Ukrainian girls for dating has seven perfectly understandable explanations. This article will be useful in case if you cannot understand your own feelings. And, as everyone knows, the first step to resolving the problem is to determine it.

  1. You haven’t had enough fun. We start with this reason due to its undeniable popularity and prevalence. Yes, we need a certain amount of “fun” in our life. Of course, this is an incalculable matter. We sleep with different girls, do crazy stuff, behave childishly – and then, something clicks in our heads and we understand the time has come to settle down. This oiled mechanism works with 95% of men.
  2. You have other priorities. Stereotypically, men have greater career ambitions than women, no matter if they find the realization or not. The best time to make a successful career is your youth. Many lucky chances and possibilities become unavailable in your mid-30s. Therefore, family life may become an obstacle, not a stepping stone.
  3. Your woman pressures you to commit. Probably, the most annoying occasion is when someone forces you to do what you don’t want to. And, by far, don’t have to. Extreme pressure may lead to such unpopular decisions as a breakup of a temporal break. In addition, no one actually likes to be pressured. Gorgeous girls from ССЫЛКА admitted most girls really do so.
  4. You are in it for sex only. Try to think about what you need from your current relationship. Is it security? Feelings? Do you need to take care of somebody? If all the answers are “no”, you should better leave this girl because you are with her only for free sex. And if she blames you for being a douchebag, do not try to reject – because you really are.
  5. She is not the one. If you find yourself struggling to understand what is wrong with your relationship, take into account that this might be a wrong girl. And subliminally you know it. Formulating this idea is a bit hard though possible.
  6. Your friends haven’t committed yet. A human is a social creature. Practically, most of our decisions are affected by the people around us, no matter how hard we try to deny it. In your case, it might turn out that none of your friends is committed by this time. Why should you be the first to do so?
  7. Your previous relationship ended up miserably. Unfortunately, people are sometimes greatly affected by their past. Maybe, you were in love before and your significant other rudely played with your feelings. If so, you might be afraid of making the same mistake again. Healing a cracked heart is harder than people generally think.

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