Singapore—A wedding at Ghim Moh last weekend ended in violence, with several bloodied individuals shocking the residents of the block where the wedding was held.

Violence erupted at the wedding held at the void deck of the building, after which police arrested four people for rioting.

The New Paper (TNP) reports a 52-year-old woman, Madam Siti, who lives in the building as saying that she had heard shouting sometime around 8:30 in the evening at Block 16 Ghim Moh Road.

When she looked out of her window, she saw two men in the corridor. One of them, a man with a bloody face who looked to be middle-aged, crawling away from the other.

She then called the police.

Madam Siti told TNP, “I was so scared they would come to my flat because I was alone, so I quickly shut my door and called the police. They were shouting and fighting for about 10 minutes before going downstairs.”

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A report from Chinese daily Shin Min Daily said that about 100 people attended a performance during the wedding at the void deck of Block 16.

Resident Madam Rebecca told TNP that the victim of the violence had been one of the attendees who was watching the performance, and that he may have ended up saying something insulting to the wedding party, which resulted in “a group of about a dozen men” then chasing and beating him up.

Although she also said that one man who was part of the wedding party tried to help the victim of the beating, he was pushed out of the way and the beating of the man continued.

The four people arrested for rioting were between the ages of 14 through 25. Police received an alert about the commotion at around 8:30 pm.

According to the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), it was alerted to a need for assistance an hour later. TNP reported that a 49-year-old male received medical assistance after the violent incident.

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The police are currently investigating the incident. According to TNP, bloodstains could still be seen at the corridor on the building’s second-floor as of Tuesday, September 10th.

The country’s Penal Code section 147 states that rioting is considered a criminal offence. An individual convicted of rioting can face the penalty of a mandatory imprisonment sentence of up to seven years, plus caning. -/TISG