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We Need A Sex Offenders’ List




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We need it, because we have the right to know.

If nothing is exacted, it is time for Singapore to institute a sex offenders list, not as a means of shaming paedophilia, rapists and child molesters, but simply because we need that extra bit of caution and knowledge of who we are dealing with.

Let’s be clear about something. A criminal conviction is a serious matter and what more of a sexually predatory kind.

People that appear in the UK sex offenders register are barred from a large number of situations in which they might potentially be in contact with vulnerable groups of people, or individuals.

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One should be aware that these people can represent a considerable risk when they are not in prison according to the UK Sex Offenders Registry and some of them can remain on the register for life. So why take the risk?

Note that there is no way to know if your neighbour, partner, friend or colleague is listed on this unflattering list without checking it out first, and today when the information is lying ahead due to technological developments, it would be a “crime” not to run an online check query.

Particularly if you have children, then knowing whether new people whom entered your children’s lives can be appropriate adults to be around them, is quite crucial. In situations as mentioned, the ability to search information by using a sex offender registry is critical, and can prevent unpleasant situations from happening in the future.

With extended families as how we see in Singapore knowing if a person is listed in the sex offender registry is a sensible precaution to take in order to safeguard your spouse, children and other family members, and also for you to be able to go to sleep peacefully and knowing all the information available regarding any person in question.

If the UK does have one such register, isn’t it time that we in Singapore too, have one so that we can all sleep peacefully at night.

Maybe we should and perhaps we can go a little further and include workplace bullies too!

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