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War on suicide




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By: Ben Matchap

In Singapore at least one person kills themselves a day. With 409 reported suicides in Singapore in 2015 and only 365 days in a year the odds are stacked against us. Our suicide rate is almost as impressive as our Press Freedom Index. Something needs to be done to protect our citizens from the dangers of suicide. The overall suicide rate has gone down but the rate of suicide in teens are at an all-time high.

To curb this problem i say we take a tough stance on suicide. Just like how Singapore has been successful in its the war on drugs, we now need to have a war on suicide. While we arrest people who commit suicide and sometimes make fun of them for trying to kill themselves while in lockup, those methods are not harsh enough and many reoffend. New laws need to be put in place to deter people from committing suicide.

Taking a life is wrong because all life is precious, which is why suicide is murder and how do we punish murder in Singapore? With the death penalty of course. The death penalty has been a great deterrent in our war on drugs. We should use this deterrent to lower our suicide rates. It we give the death penalty to people who attempt suicide then they won’t get a chance to commit suicide – we would have stopped the crime before it even happened. Our death penalty rate might go up but this will greatly lower our suicide rate, this is not just a fact it is simple math.

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Also think about the deterrent it would be to a potential perpetrator – the fear of being hung would keep them in check and bring down the rate of people willing to kill themselves.

Lower our suicide rates, death penalty for attempted suicide! WE ARE MAJULAH!

This is a satirical piece.

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