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Violent Jalan Besar brawl began after victim who was beaten bloody confronted assailants for allegedly molesting girlfriend




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It appears that the bloody fight that occurred outside a nightclub at Jalan Besar last Tuesday began after a man confronted two men after his girlfriend was allegedly molested by them.

According to the Chinese daily, an eyewitness who saw the altercation unfold at 251 Jalan Besar around 2am that day saw a slim man in a white shirt gesturing to an employee of the club. The eyewitness, 45-year-old Mr Husen, said that the man in white then pointed at his girlfriend beside him and then his own waist, appearing to indicate that someone had molested her.

Mr Husen recounted, “After that, the guy and two other men walked out from the club and started arguing. The two other men wore white and black shirts respectively. After a brief altercation, blows were exchanged.” He added that the slim man’s girlfriend tried hard to stop her boyfriend from confronting the men and even flagged a taxi so she and her boyfriend could escape but her boyfriend was intent on making the other men pay.

Mr Husen noted that the boyfriend was no match for his opponents – who were bigger than him – but that he refused to quit, even as his girlfriend tried to stop him as he was clearly losing the match: “She (the victim’s girlfriend) kept pleading with him not to fight. She was also shoved by a few other guys but didn’t seem to be injured.”

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Eventually, the boyfriend was beaten so badly that he collapsed on the road. This, however, did not stop the opponents who continued pummeling the boyfriend, until he vomited blood. The victim remained knocked out for about 10 minutes, while his girlfriend stayed by his side.


It was only at this point that the club employees stepped forward to intervene, sensing that the situation had grown out of control. Their tried to stop the fight to no avail as multiple smaller skirmishes broke out.

During this time, the victim’s friend tried to reason with the assailants but, for some reason, was restrained by a club employee causing him to argue with the employee. The man who attacked the victim then approaches the victim’s friend and nearly fights with him before the pair are pulled apart by bystanders.

A video of the brawl has been circulating on Facebook and WhatsApp:

Fight at Jalan Besar.

Fight at Jalan Besar. #fight #singapore #jalanbesar #jialatliao

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The police have confirmed that they have arrested four men involved in the brawl that same day. They also revealed that a 23-year-old man who was injured had been taken to Tan Tock Seng Hospital. Police investigations are ongoing.

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