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Video of St Hilda’s students fighting in class as adult looks on goes viral




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A video of students hurling vulgarities and fighting while an adult looks on has gone viral on social media. It is unclear when or why the incident happened. It is also unclear if the adult looking on at the fight is a teacher. Another student eventually breaks up the fight.

The Vice-Principal of the school has since clarified that the incident happened on Monday and that the man seen “doing nothing” to stop a fight in St Hilda’s Secondary School is “an intern with an external agency” without the “authority” or “training” to deal with such situations.

The intern who is from an external agency chanced upon the incident when he was walking along the corridor, and he had called out to the students to stop the fight but they did not heed him, the VP said.

The VP further said that the school has taken “appropriate disciplinary measures” and have also counselled the students involved. They are also working with the students’ parents to “learn from the incident”.

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