Singapore – A Reddit Singapore thread that started on March 24 (Sunday) has become the focus of much scrutiny and criticism.

User u/Fatgenie uploaded a video of a very hard Sausage McGriddles from McDonald’s which was coined “Sausage McRock.” The netizen spent a good minute pounding on the rock-hard sandwich using different utensils and apparatus such as forks, a screwdriver, and a chopper.

No matter how hard the Redditor poked, stabbed, and pounded, the sandwich resisted. Even the “Moment of truth” that included a chopper was a fail, and the McGriddles stayed intact.

The one thing that got through was a nail and hammer.

Kudos to that person for having so many tools available at his disposal.

Netizens were quick to analyse the video, receiving mixed reactions.

There was user t0t0t0t0t0t0 who said that “Bread gets hard and dry in the microwave. This can be easily faked at home.” Others agreed and even added that bread gets hard when stale, regardless of microwaving.

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Photo: Reddi screengrab

User Duelgundam took the scrutiny up a notch and added some science to it: “Bread hardens due to the yeast developing till it’s hard. Too much gluten+ too much time = hard bread,” said the user. “If he didn’t steam it, or heated it in a microwave, it’ll harden into a rock-like state, with or without freezing.”

Photo: Reddit screengrab

Perhaps the video would have been a tad more believable if some footage of the environment was included.

Meanwhile, user deanosaurus_chenz gave a personal experience of a McDonald’s cheeseburger and how it remained looking fresh though rock hard after being left unattended in a car for more than a year. The comment worried user Reddit-Loves-Me, as it should for everyone who eats from the fast-food chain.

TrendyWhistle explained that any burger with that particular patty and bread size and thickness would be resistant to mould. “The bread wicks away the moisture from the meat fairly quickly, and the whole burger becomes dry enough to essentially become a mummy that doesn’t rot.” Wow. An “immortal burger.”

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Photo: Reddit screengrabReddit

Let’s leave it to personal opinion to decide whether the video was fake or not and whether we should return for more McGriddles.

ByHana O