Home News Video: Close-up look at massive clouds of smoke in Punggol fire

Video: Close-up look at massive clouds of smoke in Punggol fire




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On Tuesday, a massive fire broke out at the site in Punggol where the Global Indian International School is being built.

Large clouds of black smoke were witnessed billowing out from the half-completed building in Punggol Field Walk at 4.30pm, prompting calls to the SCDF.

Two construction workers, who were stranded on a gondola when the fire broke out, were rescued by SCDF firefighters.

The fire was put out by 5.30pm.

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“Officers from the SCDF elite Disaster Assistance and Rescue Team (DART) conducted a height rescue operation to bring 2 workers, who were stranded in a gondola, down to safety,” the SCDF said in a statement yesterday. “They were subsequently conveyed to Changi General Hospital for observation for smoke inhalation.”

Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean later posted on his Facebook page:

“Well done to our SCDF officers for swift response to the Punggol fire & rescuing two workers from a gondola – who are ok. And they had to deal with a fire at T2 at the same time too.”

Mr Teo was referring to the other fire on the same day at Changi Airport’s Terminal 2.

While there have been several videos taken by members of the public showing the clouds of smoke, this one below – which was sent to The Independent SG anonymously via Whatsapp – is a closer look at the incident.

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