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Unknown subject fires rocket sparkler towards Kebun Baru Food Centre; witnesses escape unscathed




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The Chinese daily reported that a “mysterious character” fired a rocket sparkler in the direction of Kebun Baru Food Centre from about 50 metres away, yesterday around 4.30pm.

Eyewitnesses recount that stall owners were preparing for the dinner crowd when the rocket hurtled towards the centre.

One fruit stall owner told reporters that he first heard a zipping sound cutting through the air, as he was in front of his shop, followed by the shocking sight of a ball of fire speedily hurtling towards him. The rocket sparkler stopped just short of the hawker when it landed on the ground and slid towards his stall.

Fearful that the rocket may explode, the hawker flung the rocket away using a metal hook implement. The rocket continued burning up to a metre’s height underneath a nearby table for half a minute, emanating thick smoke, before two bystanders used the centre’s fire extinguisher to put out the flame.

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Thankfully, no one was injured.

The rocket sparkler can be extremely dangerous and cause severe burns. Similar to but significantly larger than average sparklers, a rocket sparkler flies with great momentum, giving off unpleasant smoke. Sparklers such as these consist of a metal rod with a coating of pyrotechnic compound that burns up to several hundred degrees celsius when activated.

The police has confirmed that it is presently investigating the incident as a case of arson and mischief.


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