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Uni-mate harassed fellow student for sex for ‘educational reasons’




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An NUS student recently made public a Whatsapp conversation she had with her fellow-student from the university who she first met at an orientation camp, asking her for sex for “educational” reasons. What’s more amusing was, the orientation camp where they met happened about two years ago, and they had not kept in touch since then – until he messaged her recently. In the conversation with her, the man said that he had been cyber-stalking the woman since that time.

The man asked: “Can I bed you once? I know is very wrong. Can at least me do abit? Please… Your figure is quite gorgeous and hot in tight clothes and even better in bikini.”

Responding to this, the student said:

“He asked me if I ‘have been bedded before’. I swear I burst out laughing because this was the first time anyone’s used the passive euphemistic form in front of me. (But nevertheless it was super creepy so I immediately asked a reliable source a.k.a. my senior for the lowdown on this guy.) I answered more of his probing sexual questions with the most frivolous answers I could think of. I didn’t even bother screenshotting that part of the conversation. Towards the end he asked me if I was a horny person. I said ‘not really’, then he replied asking ‘so you don’t really crave or say yearn for sex? is it?’ [sic]. And I got pissed off because THE OPPOSITE OF HORNY IS NOT ASEXUAL and where does he get off making these kinds of assumptions anyway??? After I snapped at him he suddenly decided that he wanted me to ask him personal questions too so as to achieve ‘an understanding of each other’ [sic]. By this he actually meant ‘getting to know each other sexual life’ [sic].  I pressed him for his reasons and he said that (a) he wanted to get to know girls better sexually, and (b) he’s interested in me BUT he knows I’m attached and he knows his limits.”

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The student said she decided to expose the man because he harassed other female students.

“I found out last night that after I blocked him, he still continued to harass other girls. Additionally I also found out that he used to harass someone I know, who was also from the same OG. She had to block him on every platform. The worst part is that last year he was a councillor for my faculty’s FOC, but he got a little smarter and harassed (via FB message) multiple female freshies and seniors from other OGs instead. Joining a camp to prey on vulnerable girls 3 years younger is despicable.”


You can read the student’s blog entry here: https://spaceneko.wordpress.com/2016/07/29/creep-alert.

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