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Uber car involved in misplaced phone dispute goes MIA after causing accident in another case




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In August of this year, Facebook user Den Wong shared with Uber that one of its drivers was uncooperative in returning a phone he had misplaced in the car. He pointed out that the driver’s name is Wind and that his license plate number is SLD2151X – a gray colored Mitsubishi Lancer X.

It is unclear if Uber managed to help resolve the dispute between its customer and driver, but the driver of the same car went missing after causing an accident and refusing to exchange contact details with the other driver.

All Singapore Stuff shared the video of the incident and credited a ‘David’ for it.

The video was captioned: “Driver of SLD2151X knocks onto car at carpark. When told to park his car to exchange particulars, he claims he needs to pee and refused to show his NRIC. He also said that it was an offence to ask for someone’s NRIC details.
The driver has since MIA-ed. This happened yesterday at MBS.”

Under the law a driver involved in an accident is required to provide his particulars if requested by others at the scene of the accident. The penalty for a hit-and-run offence is a maximum fine of $3,000, and a jail term of up to a year.

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