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Train and bus fares to be reduced by 4.2 percent for most commuters




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The Public Transport Council (PTC) announced today (27 Oct) that fare will be reduced by 4.2 percent for bus and train commuters from 30 Dec. In announcing the overall fare reduction, PTC also introduced a simplification of the fare structure.

As part of this simplification, fares for fully-underground rail lines will be lowered to match those of above-ground lines. The difference in fares ranges from 4 to 25 cents for adult and senior citizen concessionary card commuters. The fare differential was introduced in 2003 with the North East Line to reflect the higher operating costs (e.g. air-conditioned platforms) of the fully-underground lines. This will be removed. Train fares will also be calculated based on the shortest path between the commuter’s origin and destination. Currently, they are calculated based on the fastest travel path, which may not always be the shortest in term of distance.

“This will benefit commuters further as more new fully-underground lines are opened in coming years,” said PTC chairman Richard Magnus.

With the fare reduction, adults using travel cards will save between 1 and 27 cents for a journey. Fares will be lowered for senior citizens by 1 to 7 cents, and students by 1 cent across the board.

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PTC’s press release is here: http://bit.ly/2eejkpd.

PTC said that the 4.2 percent fare reduction will result in revenue cut of $8.9 million for SBS Transit and $34.6 million for SMRT. Revenues for bus fares (which now go to the Government under the bus contracting model) will drop by $35.6 million.

Commenting on the news of the fare reductions a Redditer said: “Mention fall in revenue but does not include fall in operating expenses. Well done!”

While another commented: “WOOTS! Love this kinda publicity stunts by the government!”

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