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Traditional healer goes into trance-like state and attacks married couple with parang before killing himself




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A 25-year-old traditional healer in Kluang, Johor reportedly entered a trance-like state before attacking a married couple before him with a parang, yesterday morning. As the couple escaped with injuries, the healer locked himself in a room and stabbed himself to death.

The incident occurred around 10.30am yesterday, at the couple’s house.

According to the local press, the married couple were close with the traditional healer who worked as a bank clerk. The healer had gone to the couple’s house that day to treat the wife who was believed to be a victim of sorcery.

Kluang’s Assistant Commissioner Mohd Abduh Ismail told the New (NST): “He had been treating the woman for some time. However, this time around he suddenly went into a trance like state and became aggressive…the couple claimed he acted as though he was possessed.”

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The healer then proceeded to attack the 47-year-old husband and 41-year-old wife with a parang. The couple, who suffered minor cuts, ran out of the room where the healing session was in progress and contacted the police.

Mr Mohd Abduh told NST that the police tried to call the healer out of the room he had locked himself into but did not receive a response. When several officers broke into the room, they found the young man in a pool of blood with stab wounds to his chest and abdomen, with a parang and a dagger lying beside his body.

The assistant commissioner revealed that the young man’s body has been sent for a post mortem. Police investigations are ongoing.

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