People have become tired of dating for many reasons. It’s quiet quitting for many, and men and women just can’t take dating seriously anymore.

Dating apps have really complicated matters although on the surface it seems easier but that also makes people less interested in dating or a committed relationship, it’s akin to going to a buffet and feeling full with the overwhelming choice of food. Aside from that there may be a bunch of other reasons too, here are some of them:

You’ve been hurt so badly that you are not interested in doing it again

Sometimes people fall in love so hard and get hurt in equal measure and the thought of repeating the whole mill again is just too tiresome and potentially painful.

Their parents were constantly at loggerheads

A lot of people are put off dating and relationships simply because of the household they grew up in.

Watching their parents at war for the most part of their childhood will possibly put them off relationships forever.

They are career-oriented and can’t be bothered with a relationship.

Some people find work more rewarding and spend so many hours at work that they can’t be bothered to look for relationships or get involved in the dating scene.

They aren’t interested in kids or building a family of their own

Many people are happy to just be single and not have kids and a picket fence as the saying goes.

Endless drama in some cases

Some people might have been in relationships with so much drama that they are completely put off by relationships.

One way of guaranteeing a lack of potential drama is not to engage in a relationship at all.

If you’re asexual

There are people out there who are completely asexual. An asexual person feels little to no sexual attraction and has no interest in sexual activity which is a given in a romantic relationship.

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