Lifestyle The top 'extreme cleaning' YouTube channels to satisfy your cleaning and organising...

The top ‘extreme cleaning’ YouTube channels to satisfy your cleaning and organising urges

Visually satisfying, emotionally affirming, motivating, and maybe a little addictive — cleaning, it's good for you!




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Singapore – The wonderful world of YouTube brings us the latest trend that people cannot get enough of—”extreme cleaning” videos, where people literally clean and organise their houses in speed-mode (time-lapse) and film themselves doing it. And people watch this, you say? They cannot get enough of it. This trend has been sweeping (pun intended!) across social media, and with all the time spent at home thanks to the pandemic, it has inspired many with motivation. Read on to check out some of the most satisfying cleaning channels out there.

The “extreme cleaning” trend, also referred to as the “clean with me” trend, is exactly how it sounds. People   often organised mothers who swear by the benefits of a clean home (you know the saying “tidy house, tidy mind”) —  turn on their phone cameras and get up close and personal, while getting their clean on, in their often well-appointed, pleasing-to-the-eye homes.

The “cleaning” ranges from scrubbing floors and cleaning tile grout (for the more hardcore cleaning lovers) to folding piles of laundry just perfectly (for those with even just a little obsession with organisation and neatness, this is heaven!). It’s visually satisfying, emotionally affirming, motivational and maybe just a little bit addictive.

Jessica Tull

With half a million subscribers, Jessica Tull has cleaning and organising down to a science. Her time-lapse, “clean with me” videos, some of which have been viewed over three million times, are impeccably shot, her voice-overs are soothing, and she takes on the cleaning with vim, vigour and a cheerful disposition that’s enviable (or in this case, extremely motivational!).

Love Meg

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Love Meg‘s YouTube channel isn’t just about cleaning—she also invites viewers to decorate and organise with her. Her videos, which have an average of over 100,000 views, are visually addictive, like candy for the eyes—brimming with bright colours and pretty decor. Host Meg loves to DIY and decorate, and she shares holiday decorating tips with viewers who can only wish to have as cute and clean a home as she has.

At Home With Nikki

Are you a stickler for a plan? Does organising warm the cockles of your heart? Do you find peace looking at hues of clean, fresh whites, punctuated by vibrant bursts of green foliage? If that’s you, then At Home With Nikki is the channel for you. Host Nikki showcases impeccable cleaning, organising and planning skills and delivers stunning content that’s more geared towards home management. Her “Home Management” series is extremely popular and focuses on different aspects of meticulous home planning for a better life.

Clutter Bug

With nearly half a million loyal subscribers, Clutter Bug is there for you when it comes to dealing with motivational issues like procrastination. Focusing on more than just cleaning, this channel is full of tips to help get you from cluttered to clean, stressed to relaxed, and lazy to motivated. With videos such as the one above on “Tough Love”, Clutter Bug dishes out friendly yet straight-to-the-point advice about how to transform one’s life, home and mindset.

This Crazy Life

If you’re the type who feels the need to clean in the middle of the night, you’re not alone. Many of us have been bitten by the cleaning and organisation bug, and the feeling can hit at any time. Amanda of the YouTube channel This Crazy Life understands this, inviting viewers to relax and do some after-dark cleaning with her in the video above, which is one of her highest viewed. She dishes out tips, tricks and motivation like there’s no tomorrow, attacking deep cleaning and organisation tasks most of us choose to ignore with energy and focus, and after watching her, we can’t wait to do the same.


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