Home News The Charlatans Who Give Us Poison!!

The Charlatans Who Give Us Poison!!




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How debauched are these people?

Some years ago we had contaminated milk from China. Then there were all kinds of foodstuffs laced with contaminants the world could only but imagine.

In the latest bout of angst customs officers at Singapore’s Pasir Panjang Terminal seized more than 5,000 bags of counterfeit rice from a shipment from India on Thursday ¬†¬†Friday 25th of November 2016.

At their warehouses were five 20-foot containers weighing about 129 tonnes upon after an owner of the Singapore-registered trademark alerted the officials that the product has infringed its trademark. The officers, after inspection confirmed that the packaging has similar trademark as the Singapore registered company.

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Apart from counterfeit rice, artificial rice has become a major nuisance among the Asian countries, especially in China and must be called poison for nothing more than the dangerous ill-effects they cause. A news story from the International Business Times said of a video shared on Chinese social media messaging app WeChat of a worker seen putting plastic bags into a machine which moulds them into thin white strips. To the shock of the viewers, after further processing, they would go to making small granules of the plastic strips exactly resembling rice.

[fvplayer src=”http://youtube.com/watch?v=CLdIuqs4N04″]

Though the authenticity of the video remains debatable and some viewers said that the workers are producing plastic granules for industrial use and producing fake rice is not economical, the video became viral and several people expressed their concern over food safety on several social media platforms including Weibo.

However, artificial rice is also produced from broken rice with adding cereals, micronutrients, including minerals such as iron and zinc and vitamin A and Vitamin B.

Now the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority would have their hands full.
They need to protect us all ends up.

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