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Teenager hears his sister urging him to hurry to her room, only to realise she was not home in the first place

The teenager had a feeling that the voice somehow did not belong to his sister, even though it sounded like her.




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The seventh month of the lunar calendar – also known as the ghost month – began on Thursday (1 Aug) and has prompted many Singaporeans to share their paranormal encounters with others. One particularly chilling incident that purportedly occurred to a teenager is trending online.

Netizen u/krnrd shared his story on Reddit and said that the following encounter happened when he was around the age of 17 and was living in a semi-detached home with his parents and sister.

One day, the teenager met up with a friend and the pair decided to go to the teenager’s house to play playstation. The boys reached the home around 10pm, found that no one else was home and proceeded to play videogames.

An hour later, as the boys were still playing their game, the teenager heard his sister shouting for him, urging him to join her at the second level of the house. The netizen said:

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“I immediately turned my head towards the staircase where her voice was coming from. There was a dim light at the staircase but the second level was dark as no one was home except us. She was shouting in Hokkien, “mynickname*, faster come up! Faster come up!”

““Ah-nickname, ka kin ki lai, ka kin ki lai!” She sounded very desperate and urgent, as if something is very wrong and wanted me to come up immediately.

“But it’s very weird, because my sis and I spoke hokkien to each other only when we are young. As we grow up and started primary/ secondary school, we started speaking English/ mandarin to each other.”

The teenager had a feeling that the voice somehow did not belong to his sister, even though it sounded like her. After a short pause, the voice shouted again and asked the boy to come up immediately.

The netizen recounted: “I immediately put down the controller and gestured to my buddy to go to the kitchen, which is at the back of the living room, opposite of the stairs. Once we are at the kitchen, both of us was dumbfounded. I don’t know what to say and he was silent too.”

He claimed that somehow, the was not totally freaked out but just felt a little creeped out by the voice. A short while later, the shouts stopped and the boys returned to their game.

Later that night, past midnight, the teenager’s parents came home with his sister in tow.

The netizen wrote: “I only told my sis about this incident after we moved out of the semi D, and she was creeped out…For me, I guess that’s the closest I’ve ever experienced with regards to the supernatural. I would say that I’m an atheist, but this incident really makes me wonder what to believe.”

He added: “And it’s definitely not hallucination as both my and my friend hear it clearly. Sometime I wonder what will happen if I really rushed upstairs.”

After his family moved out of the house, they started sharing stories of other weird experiences they had there and realised the house may not have been “clean”.

Revealing that his family’s domestic helper would hear knocking on the window in the middle of the night from time to time, the netizen wrote that his mother had a creepy experience with the house even before they moved in:

“She and my dad was viewing houses to buy that time. When they are at the house, from the outside, she saw a lot of workers in the house. However when the agent reached and brought them in, she realised there was nobody inside at all. That was in the afternoon.”

In another occasion, the netizen’s mother saw a scrawny man crouched in the kitchen while the netizen was in the kitchen with his friends:

“There’s another time a group of my friends, around 5-6 ppl came over. We happen to be in the kitchen making food and sitting around chatting. Then my mum came down to the kitchen and saw us. Some of my old friends know my mum and a few are new friends which my mum have never seen before. So after the greetings and such, my mum left.
“After we moved out she told me during that time when she came into the kitchen, there was one scrawny man squatting near the exit of the kitchen (the exit of the kitchen will lead to the backdoor which is a small narrow lane beside the house leading to the garden). When my mum came in she saw him but the guy immediately stand up and left the kitchen by the back door. She thought it was weird but kept quiet that time as she had a feeling it’s not my friend.”

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