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Taxi uncle gave woman who was late for work a free ride




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Deslin Kwek writing on Singapore Kindness Movement’s Facebook page related an incident where a taxi-driver kindly waived her cab charges.
was in the afternoon and I was going to be late for work. I had no choice but to flag a cab down even though was pretty near my place,” Deslin said.
She flagged a cab down near a bus-stop, but on reaching her destination she realised that she did not have sufficient money to pay for the ride. She offered to pay with card but that particular taxi was not equipped to receive cashless payment.
Deslin asked the driver to wait at the taxi-stand while she withdrew money from an ATM machine nearby, but the taxi-driver told her that he was not allowed to wait in that area.
The taxi-driver then did something amazing – he decided to give Deslin a free ride.
“I was pretty guilty but at the same time felt grateful. Thank you very much taxi uncle!” Deslin expressed her appreciation.
“Not all the Singaporean taxi uncle are bad lol…” she added cheekily.
Sharing Deslin’s story on their page, SKM said that “we (Singapore) need more stories like this.”

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