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Tan Kin Lian dangles possibility of contesting in next GE, asks netizens for support

The former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of NTUC Income said he would contest based on the number of 'likes' on Facebook saying that he wanted to gauge public support as it was a big sacrifice in terms of time and effort




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Singapore—Netizens may well be wondering what’s going on with Tan Kin Lian, who, in the past 24 hours, has tantalized his countrymen with the possibility of contesting in the next elections, if he gets enough “likes.”

First, on Sunday afternoon, March 31, Mr Tan posted, “If you want me to contest in the general election, give a Like and Share. I need 300 Likes.”

People responded accordingly, not just liking and sharing the post, but giving him encouraging comments.

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However, by late morning on Monday, April 1, Mr Tan edited his post to say, “If you want me to contest in the general election, give a Like and Share. Let us make it to 1,000 Likes.”

At that point, he had reached more than 500 likes.

Lest anyone was thinking this may be an April Fool’s Day jest, Mr Tan put up a clarifying post.

When asked point blank in a comment if he indeed wanted to contest, he answered in the affirmative.

“Quite likely, yes. But I need other people to come forward and give their support. If I do not get enough support, I will not put in this sacrifice.”

But before this, he explained why he was gathering support. He explained that he was looking for 100 people “who give their full and unconditional support, come rain or shine.” To them, he explained, I will then owe a duty…stand for election.

In another post he wrote, Some people are disappointed that I keep “moving the goal post” for standing in the general election. (I moved from 300 Likes to 1,000 Likes).

They think that I owe them a promise just because they give me a Like. They are mistaken. They need to put in much more contribution before I owe them anything.

I will need 100 people who promise to give their full and unconditional support, come rain or shine. I will then owe a duty to these people to stand for election.

I shall be putting up a register soon to see if I can get these 100 committed people.” (sic)

For Mr Tan, the number of likes that he gets on his post is indicative of the support people have not only for him but for the other opposition candidates.

The posts are his way of asking people to publicly show support for the candidates they wish to see contest for the election if they want to see change happen.

In a comment he wrote, “The number of Likes that I get in this post is an indication of the level of support and the desire for change. I have to make a judgment based on this number. 

This indication of support is not for me alone. I will extrapolate it to see the support for other non-PAP candidates. 

I also use this platform to make the general public more aware that if they want to see change, they have to come out and show their unconditional support. If they are hesitant, they will not achieve any result. 

It is not for me along (sic). I am already 71 years old. I could retire and enjoy life. 

It is for the people of Singapore. If they are happy with the current situation – it is okay. But if they want to see change, they must come forward and express their position and give unconditional support.”

What netizens are saying

Netizens seem to, by and large, be supportive of Mr. Tan

However, one netizen reminded Mr Tan that it was an important step for the opposition to first come together as one.

To which Mr Tan agreed.-TISG

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