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Sudden death of Navy man grips Malaysia’s social media, wife in continuous tears!




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The sudden death of a Navy officer Muhammad LailatuIman Mohd Shukri has gripped the local social media networks with the last messages of the officer to his wife circulating local sites.

The death shocked the families, but that of Muhammad Lailatuliman went viral due to the WhatsApp message snap-shots published on various Malay language based networks.

The wife of Muhammad Lailatuliman, Nur Liya Asmira, is said to be in shock but is not really speaking to anyone, while she kept holding her baby for 6 months in her arms with tears flowing.

The WhatsApp messages were published on a Malay wiki site.

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Photo taken from Wikimalaya

The brother-in-law of the wife works at a private enterprise in Kuala Lumpur was in shock and remained when she was told her husband had died after a brief detention.

The two Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) personnel, Nik Muhammad Baihaqy Nik Mat, 28, and Muhammad Lailatuliman Mohd Syukri, 26, were under detention died in an incident that has now involved the police and the arrest of 3 guards at the detention center.

The death of the two detainees was classified as ‘sudden death’ but post-mortem reports from the Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital revealed both the deceased died from injuries caused by blunt trauma. Their deaths were reported by the Navy on Friday.

Muhammad Lailatuliman, 26, was under detention for failing to report for duty without prior leave approval.

The deaths have sparked much debate on the social media with netizens calling for justice for the deceased.

Most social media users said those involved in the tragedy should be severely punished.

“So many murderers in uniform and so many cases of death when in custody,” said a post  Facebook as a comment.

Another post said: “Police, it’s over to you now! Make them scream like hell (sic).”

Social media users also questioned the standard operating procedure (SOP) at the detention unit and called for its review.

“They claimed it was a ‘training’ session … They claim they adhered to the SOP. Those dead soldiers revealed the hidden facts … the horrible truth … And may justice prevail,” said a Facebook user

Another said: “Tortured to death. Worst then Communist. Where and what is the SOP”.

Nik Muhammad Baihaqy was on a 45-day detention after being found guilty under Section 58 of the Armed Forces Act 1972 for failure to perform duties.

The men underwent a medical examination by a doctor and were declared healthy before they were sent to the detention center in Sungai Wangi, Sitiawan.

Earlier the deaths of two Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) personnel at the Sungai Wangi Unit detention rooms near Sitiawan on Friday have been classified as sudden death.

Muhammad was detained after he repeatedly failed to report for duty, said The Sun Daily.

The police have seized recordings from the CCTV, said a Navi officer to the local media.

Three guards at the naval detention centre in Sungai Wangi in Sitiawan, Perak – where the two officers were found dead – have been arrested by police over the death of the two detainees last Friday.

Three guards at the naval detention centre in Sungai Wangi in Sitiawan, Perak have been arrested by police over the death of two detainees last Friday. – BBXpress

Police have also recorded statements from 11 guards, seized seven batons, log books and handphones as part of their investigation.

Perak CID chief SAC Datuk Gan Tian Kee said the three men, aged 29, 37 and 44, were picked up on Saturday at 9.30pm and remanded until Oct 7 to facilitate investigations.



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