Home News STOMP refused to publish Amy Khor's grassroots leader's alleged mistreatment of dog

STOMP refused to publish Amy Khor's grassroots leader's alleged mistreatment of dog




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hkn2Suriia Anthony recounted an incident in his Facebook where his wife and he found a dog tied up outside a Resident’s Committee (RC) function hall for over 2 hours in Hong Kah North constituency.
He said that he found the dog tied up outside the RC centre in Bukit Batok when he went to a nearby shop at 8pm. And when he went by the same place again at 10pm, he found the dog still tied to the same spot. Suriia expressed outrage that the dog was constrained in such a manner for over 2 hours.
“We approached the people there and a bespectacled guy in a RC t-shirt talked to us. I told him that we find it very cruel to tie the dog in that manner for 2 solid hours or more,” Suriia said.
“And told him (that) if nothing was done for the poor furkid, I will put this in STOMP,” he added.
Suriia mentioned that the man from the RC looked worried when he mentioned that he would make the incident public and went to look for the owner of the dog.
Nothing happened until 15 minutes later, when a “large woman” came out of the RC centre to pat the dog. But she went back into the RC centre soon after without releasing the dog from the leash, Suriia said.
Suriia sent the details of the incident to STOMP and other social media sites but they refused to publish it. “I suppose because this involves an RC member,” said Suriia.
Suriia’s wife, Sarojini Jayapal wondered why STOMP and others were reluctant to post about the incident. “This is not about the RC its about the dog,” she said.
Suriia said that he was making the incident public because he wanted the dog’s owner to know that people cared for animals, and to remind her to be more mindful of treating her pet in such a manner in the future.

As i and Sarojini JayaPal was going to shop and we walk past the function hall of RC members at 8pm and went past…

Posted by Suriia Anthony on Saturday, 12 March 2016

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