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States Times Review flagged again for publishing fake news – this time about Amos Yee




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Cause journalist Kirsten Han alerts readers to fake news circulating regarding teen blogger Amos Yee who is being detained in the United States of America (US). He is seeking political asylum there. She flagged States Times Review for publishing the fake news.

The States Times Review recently published the article, “US Immigration accept and process Amos Yee’s application for asylum“. Ms Han pointed out that Yee’s asylum has not been accepted and that he is being merely detained while while proceedings are initiated. She said that it may be years before he is considered for asylum.

“Amos is now waiting for a credible fear interview – the first stage in the asylum process,” Ms Han said.

Adding: “He is not helped by the fact that it’s holiday season; bureaucracy has slowed down and the authorities probably don’t consider it a priority to interview him right away. His lawyer hopes he will get this interview soon after the Christmas/New Year break.”

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According to Ms Han Yee could be paroled while his case remains pending if he passes this interview. He could also be deemedĀ “mandatory hold” and continue in detention while his case goes through the process.

Yee has to convince an immigration judge that he is deserving of political asylum in the US because of persecution and concerns for his safety in Singapore.

Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam slammed States Times Review in October for attributingĀ false comments to him. He also added that he would be making a police report about the matter.

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