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Stanchart robber was a skinny and tall Ang Moh claims eye-witness




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Ricky Cheng, a Facebook user has claimed that he was in the bank when the robbery happened. He described a man who he thinks is the robber as “a skinny ang moh kia about 6+ ft tall”. Ricky said that he was at the bank yesterday (7 Jul) from 10.30am to 11.40am. The robbery happened at about 11.25am.

Ricky said that the bank teller could not give him a receipt immediately after his banking transaction as the computer system was down. He was asked to wait for the banking transaction receipt at the waiting area in the ground floor. It was here that Ricky encountered the suspected robber.

The Ang Moh sat beside him for awhile until he was called to the teller’s counter. The man left hurriedly after being at the counter for just a short while, Ricky said.

The user said that the police soon arrived, and prevented anyone from coming into the bank. A bank staff also apologised to him for not being able to generate the transaction receipt and said that they will mail it to him.

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When he left the bank, he saw many more police officers combing the area. Ricky said that he was surprised that the incident happened in broad daylight, and counts himself lucky that the robber was not carrying a weapon. Ricky is hoping that the police will catch the robber soon.

Passersby and residents in the vicinity of the robbed bank in Holland Village, who the police spoke to said that the police were looking for a Caucasian man, an Australian, who was wearing a grey hoodie and mustard pants.

If the Facebook user and the residents / passersby’s accounts are trustable, we now know that the robber is a tall, skinny, Ang Moh Australian who was wearing a grey hoodie and mustard-coloured pants. He robbed the bank of $30,000, and he did it without using any weapon whatsoever.

It is unclear if the bank had any security and if it did, how the security reacted while the robbery was going-on. Some netizens have also speculated that the teller quickly handed the robber cash after he gave her a demand note.

Newspaper reports say that the police have a picture of the suspect, but the picture was not released to members of the public. But that has not stopped netizens from speculating how the robber may look like.
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