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Stalker’s genitalia cut-off, Indian woman gets arrested for asserting her right to fight sexual harrassment?




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Fed up of the harassment and the stalking, a 47-year old woman and a mother of two from Mumbai, India ensnared her stalker in an isolated location and there daringly cut off his genitals.

“We have arrested the woman and two accomplices and she has accepted it was her plan to chop off the stalker’s penis because of his constant harassment,” Senior Inspector Gajanan Kabdule told AFP.

According to Senior Inspector Kabdule, the 27-year-old neighbor allegedly solicited sexual favors from the woman and admitted to the woman’s husband that he was in love with her. His admission caused a heated argument between the couple which also led to her exasperation and anger. This made her seek the assistance of two young male neighbors who contacted the stalker and enticed him to go with them to an industrial zone.

Upon reaching the said location, the woman took the lead in cutting off the stalker’s genitals and after the act rushed him to the hospital.

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The knife and the man’s penis were recovered, and the woman, together with the two male accomplices, are currently in police custody.

The stalker underwent surgery and is recuperating in the hospital while his family continues to be in shock.

Stalking cases in India

Based on data from the Ministry of Home Affairs, there were approximately 7,200 cases of stalking registered in 2016, while 7,073 accused persons were charged and only 480 were found guilty.

Extremely concerned about the rise of stalking and other crimes against women, a Delhi court has declared that the judiciary should firmly and severely tackle the issue of stalking as the offender, “if not treated”, poses huge threat to the lives of women.

According to that court, Indian society has been struggling to find ways to deal with the crime of stalking, which was made an offense in 2013, but there have been several shortcomings in the existing law. Special Judge Kamini Lau expressed grief that society usually places the blame on women victims for failing to wear”modest clothes” the reason why they have been stalked.

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