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Sports is going digital, here are 5 sports startups you may find yourself using this weekend




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These sports startups may just be what you need right now


One thing to love about the weekend is that it gives us time to pursue other activities outside of work. Like sports.

That’s not to say that sports is just a weekend thing, but the weekend does afford a longer time for enjoyment of the chosen sport.

Sports is not just a game, though, but a growing business in a region that holds quite a substantial number of sports clubs, organisation, and groups. And as with any business or industry, the sports industry is beginning to develop technology and innovations, such as what these startups have done:

1. BiiB

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Creator of a localised runner app and tracker that uses the combination of software technology and connected hardware to create the running experience of users. They hold individualised runs, wherein users try to achieve finisher medals by recording their running stats in the app and meeting the requirements set for the run (e.g. 100 km in 100 days).

Headquarters: Malaysia

2. Doogether

A platform that allows users to book browse, search, and pay for various sports venues. Individuals and/or groups looking to secure a space or class for individual or tournament sports can use the online platform, which is updated in terms of pricing and availability of over 30 sports and fitness venues in Indonesia

Headquarters: Indonesia

3.  Footballer

A platform that allows football enthusiasts and players to find each other, chat, and team up to play field. It also has the capability to notify team members about the weather, give information about the location, as well as find a replacement in case someone is suddenly unavailable.

Headquarters: Hong Kong

4. Martial Tribes

A martial arts social network that connects instructors, club owners, and masters to share their expertise in running a martial arts business. It provides free up-to-date articles that covers everything from starting a club to persona branding, as well as resources on focussed on news, health, nutrition, and fitness.

Headquarters: Hong Kong

5. GolfGreedy

An online platform that enable users to purchase tee times from over 20 golf courses in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Headquarters: Singapore

6. Lemonade Lab

Developer of innovative sports devices that uses smart sensors, advanced analytics, and a cloud-based service to provide data-driven feedback to help athletes elevate their performance.

Headquarters: Hong Kong

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