Home News So what if Jobs Bank is integrated with SkillsFuture website if companies...

So what if Jobs Bank is integrated with SkillsFuture website if companies are bent on hiring FTs?




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So what if Jobs Bank is integrated with SkillsFuture website?]

ST today (13 Feb) published the headline: “Jobs Bank to link up with skills portal

“The Jobs Bank, run by statutory board Workforce Singapore (WSG), will be integrated with the SkillsFuture Singapore-run Individual Learning Portfolio, which will curate information about the training and jobs landscape when it is rolled out in stages from this year. Singaporeans will then be able to turn to one portal for their training, learning and employment needs, spokesmen from both agencies told The yesterday.”

Instead of addressing the real issue of if the Jobs Bank truly helps Singaporeans to get jobs, the government agencies seem to like to involve themselves with frivolities. Does it really matter if the 2 government websites are integrated or not?

If there are any doubts that the Jobs Bank is just a big wayang, here if the proof.

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An FT was offered a job even before it was posted on Jobs Bank for Singaporeans to apply! The company was supposed to advertise jobs to Singaporeans on Jobs Bank for 14 days before they can even consider hiring FTs on work pass!

What matters to Singaporean seekers are these:

1. Are companies putting up ads on Jobs Bank still bend on hiring FTs after the 14 day moratorium is over, thereby continuing to discriminate Singaporeans?

2. What chance does a Singaporean have if after upgrading himself with SkillsFuture, a company continues to favour the cheaper FTs or FTs of their own kind?

Govt should address these pressing concerns instead of engaging in “wayangs” like integrating websites.

Republished from the FB page ‘We want Minister Grace Fu to resign‘.

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