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SMRT worker’s foot amputated in most serious trackside accident since the deaths of two young trainees




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The national broadsheet confirmed today that the SMRT worker, who was involved in the accident near Joo Koon MRT station yesterday that suspended train services on a part of the East-West Line, had to have his right foot amputated yesterday after it got crushed in the accident that occurred on the tracks.

This is the most serious trackside accident since the fatal accident in March 2016, in which two young trainees were killed by an oncoming train as they were led on the tracks to investigate a possible train fault.

SMRT was fined a hefty $400,000 after investigations later showed that safety protocols, that would have prevented the deaths, were not implemented.

This is also the most serious accident, and perhaps the very first accident, to have occurred during CEO Neo Kian Hong’s leadership of the transport operator.

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Yesterday, SMRT reported that a worker suffered injuries to his right foot as he was preparing for an engineering vehicle to move back to the depot following maintenance works, on the track.

The national broadsheet has since reported that the worker had to have his right foot amputated after he was “injured by a track tamping vehicle, which is used to compact the ballast that supports the tracks.”

The worker, a father of three in his late fifties, is still in shock over the accident. Two of his three adult children told the press that their father has been warded at the National University Hospital’s intensive care unit and is in stable condition after undergoing surgery.

Revealing that their father is able to chat normally with his family and coworkers, the children said that their father is still in a state of shock.

Netizens responding to the worker’s plight expressed their sympathies and asked SMRT to give the worker a new job if he still wishes to work. Some have also demanded answers from SMRT:

SMRT said yesterday that it will launch a full investigation into the accident: “Workplace safety is a priority for us, and the maintenance teams observed a safety timeout this morning to remind them of the importance of safety.

“Our immediate concern is for our maintenance staff who is being treated at the hospital, and we are providing the necessary care and support to him and his family.”

National Transport Workers’ Union executive secretary Melvin Yong, who also serves as a ruling party parliamentarian said that the union will be offering support to the worker and his family.

Yong said in a Facebook post: “The Union will be assisting the injured worker and his family, and we are relieved to know that he is currently in stable condition. We will be working closely with the company to investigate the cause of the incident, and to review the necessary workplace safety measures.”


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