International Business & Economy SLA sets unfair Terms and Conditions for photography contest

SLA sets unfair Terms and Conditions for photography contest

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Photographer Darren Soh shared in his Facebook about a photography contest Singapore Land Authority (SLA) is currently holding. As Darren photographs buildings several of his friends sent him the link to the contest, as the contest was for participants to photograph Singapore’s iconic and historical black and white bungalows dating from our colonial past.
Darren was however saddened to note the Terms and Conditions of the contest because while the copyrights of the images submitted to the contest remain vested in the photographer, clause 7.3 of the contest rules negates that by categorically stating that the SLA will be able to use all submitted entries in whatever way they deem fit.
“While it is commonly understood that winning a photo contest of this nature means that you grant the organizers use of your image (see it as a fair trade – prize for usage) I cannot see any good reason for any photographer to submit work to a contest where the act of submission (regardless of whether you win or not) grants the organizer free and unlimited use of as well as the right to RE-LICENSE your images – forever,” Darren said
Darren added that participants should be mindful of Caveat Emptor – the principle that a person who buys something is responsible for making sure that it is in good condition, works properly, etc.Follow us on Social Media

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