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Six children killed and nearly 20 others injured as car ploughs through group of schoolchildren crossing the road




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Six schoolchildren in Huludao, China were killed after a car ploughed into a group of them crossing the road. About 20 others were reportedly injured in the gruesome incident that has gripped the world, after CCTV footage of the incident landed online.

The horrific collision occurred just before 12.30pm yesterday near the entrance of the children’s school, located in eastern Liaoning Province.

In the distressing video, a black car can be seen sending children and a cyclist flying in the air after ramming into a large group crossing the road outside the elementary school. The driver reportedly fled the scene but was later caught and arrested.

The local press reports that six pre-school children have died as a result of the incident with another 16 teenagers, two teachers and one pedestrian suffering injuries. An eyewitness reported:

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“I ran over. There were children’s shoes and sundries on the ground. There was blood, and one person said that a driver had crashed into children and ran.”

The local press reported that the police stopped the driver of a black Audi A6 fleeing in the countryside before proceeding to arrest the man. The suspect is presently in police custody for questioning.

While investigations are ongoing, it remains unclear whether the police are looking into the collision as an accident or an intentional act.

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