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Singaporean says gay men in Singapore are trying to convert straight men through “gay-laced water”




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A message from a Singaporean on Facebook page ‘We are against Pink Dot in Singapore’ claiming that homosexual individuals are trying to “spread their gaygenda with gay laced water” has been going viral online.

In the post, Facebook user Jeremy Sim claims that he is straight but felt attracted to a man after drinking from a bottle of water the man gave him. Sim wrote that he thinks homosexual individuals are trying to advance their agenda by trying to convert straight men by giving them “gay laced water”:

While the post is now nowhere to be found on the Facebook group, a screenshot of the post has been going viral online with over 400 shares.

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What many netizens probably did not realise is that Jeremy Sim is a known troll. Sim rose to prominence last year due to troll comments he left on news articles on social media – particularly in the comments section of The Straits Times Facebook page.

In an interview to Rice Media last year, Sim explained: “First, I’m trying to help people not take things too seriously because some things are just obviously stupid. Second, I hope Singaporeans can be more discerning in the things that are happening around us right now.”

On why he primarily targets the ST Facebook page, Sim said: “The ST Facebook page is the most cancer-causing thing on the face of this Earth. I could live in Fukushima for five years and I would still get a lesser cancer than from reading the section.

“I look at the average commenter and wonder, ‘Is the average Singaporean really like that? Holy shit’. I can’t believe it. I just pray to god that each and every one of these people are also trolls. I hope for their own sake. It’s so bad.”

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