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Singaporean issues open letter to McDonald’s asking why it hasn’t offered an Indian-inspired burger

Aravin Sandran noted that he "cannot recall a time when you offered any kind of limited-edition burger, fries, pie or drink in favour of Deepavali or any traditional Indian festival for that matter" in his letter




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A Singaporean has issued an open letter to McDonald’s Singapore, asking why the fast food giant has yet to offer an Indian-inspired burger to local Indians for occasions like Deepavali.

McDonald’s Singapore has offered the Chinese-inspired Prosperity Burgers, Samurai Burgers and Ha Ha Cheong Gai Chicken Burgers and the Malay-inspired Rendang Burgers and Nasi Lemak Burgers during festive occasions but has yet to offer an Indian-inspired meal for occasions like Deepavali.

Asserting that he is “angry because you brought back the Nasi Lemak Burger in time for Ramadan” and because the fast food conglomerate “brought back a burger that at best has been described as a weak and cheap attempt to caricaturise our local cuisine…just so you can earn a couple of extra dollars,” 29-year-old writer, Aravin Sandran wrote:

“Worse yet, I am angry because you’ve recognised a religious observation by a fellow ethnic minority community but you have yet to do anything for Indians.”

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Published in the Buro 24/7 online magazine, Aravin’s open letter makes it clear that he is glad that the fast food chain is “thinking of our Muslim brothers and sisters during this fasting month”.

Aravin, however, noted that he “cannot recall a time when you offered any kind of limited-edition burger, fries, pie or drink in favour of Deepavali or any traditional Indian festival for that matter.”

Cheekily asserting that curry sauce and McSpicy Burgers do not count, Aravin wrote that his family sweep over McDonald’s every Deepavali – opting instead for Pizza Hut – because of McDonald’s “typically Western made-for-Chinese menu.”

Noting that the decision to skip over McDonald’s fare wasn’t easy for him since McDonald’s has always been special to him, Aravin wrote:

“McDonald’s has always had a special place in my life. It’s where I shared the epic 20-piece chicken nugget set with my two brothers when we were kids; it’s where I pretended to study while secretly making moves on my crush during secondary school; it’s where I binge eat with my best mates after an alcohol-fuelled rave on the weekend as an adult now; and it’s where my girl friends console their broken hearts when their Tinder dates ghosted them like Casper.”

Urging McDonald’s to “demonstrate your support for the Indian community” by offering a one-of-a-kind Indian-inspired burger this Deepavali (27 Oct 2019), Aravin asked:

“You don’t have to go all fancy like your counterparts in India; no true Singaporean-Indian would find the idea of a McSpicy Paneer or Green Chilli Naan-Aloo appetising. On the other extreme, going all local on us with a Roti Prata wrap would be a bad idea too. Keep it simple with an authentic, juicy Masala Chicken Burger. That’s how low the bar is at this point.”

Read his open letter in full HERE.

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