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Singaporean comedian Fakkah Fuzz delivers N95 masks to toxic fume victims in M’sia

The comedian made a trip to Dewan Taman Pasir Putih to deliver the masks personally after going through some trouble to get them




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Singapore – Popular stand-up comedian ( Muhammad Fadzri Abd Rashid) went out of his way to personally deliver some face masks to victims at in .

At midnight on March 13 (Wednesday), he took to Twitter to assess the situation in . He tweeted: “Anybody here stayin in Pasir Gudang care to tell me what the situation there is like now? I wanna know how I can help.”

Member of the public AfiqAiman answered by posting a video of the current status of those in the area.

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According to the Malay Mail, over 500 people have been affected by the resulting in the closure of 16 schools. “Affected victims reported suffering headaches, breathing difficulties, nausea, and vomiting,” reported the publication on March 13.

Twitter user Akim informed Mr Fadzri that shops have no more masks left. “Currently I went to so many shops, pharmacy, looking for mask. Most of this shop (sic) are out of stock. We need more mask,(sic) please if someone could help for the mask (sic),” he tweeted.

The comedian asked Pasir Gudang to tell him what supplies were needed so he can provide them.

He received a reply saying that the masks that they currently had was not effective in blocking out fumes.

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Photo: Twitter screengrab

Netizens replied to Mr Fadzri’s tweet and asked for masks, N95 or R95 in particular.

Mr Fadzri went right to work to acquire the masks and a few hours later, tweeted, “THOSE IN PASIR GUDANG IN NEED OF N95 MASKS. I am looking to make a trip down to UITM Pasir Gudang to give away masks. Insyaallah update the time tryin (sic) to get it sorted here.”

Ms Akhma commented on the tweet and said that Dewan Taman Pasir Putih, a community, was in critical condition and badly needed the masks to which Mr Fadzri replied that he would make the necessary arrangements for it.

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Photo: Twitter screengrab

Around 6 pm, the comedian asked for some assistance from those in UiTM Pasir Gudang as he was planning to make a trip there that very night. “Ya boy is [on the way],” he wrote. The student representatives from said university answered and extended their availability.

Mr Fadzri took a photo of his haul and wrote, “Guys in Pasir Gudang this was all the N95 I could find and I can’t head to UITM tonight. Instead I am only able to go to Dewan Taman Pasir Putih. Lemme (sic) get some more and I’ll make my way down.” He also posted a video encouraging those in Pasir Gudang that he was on the way and to stay strong.

After a few more hours and a causeway jam, Mr Fadzri made it to Dewan Taman Pasir Putih safely and delivered the masks. He reassured them that more help was coming their way.

On March 14, he tweeted an update and said, “Hey guys I realize R95 is needed instead of N95. Was kinda (sic) only told to me (sic) after the purchases were made so I sent what I could first. We’re working on sending more R95s to Pasir Gudang as we speak.”

For those who wish to help, do note that the R95 masks are preferred.

The Independent Singapore has reached out to Mr Fadzri for a statement:

“It was very enlightening because when I reached the site where they were holding the victims, they were very happy that we brought masks because the whole area was out of stock.” (sic)

“The residents were very thankful and kept asking me if the jam at the causeway was bad,” he added.

“I think this is a small gesture but we can all do our part as good neighbours to help because they are definitely in need at the moment,” said Mr. Fadzri. “I want to thank everyone who volunteered to help them. We are working towards another trip hopefully we can get as much help as we can to our neighbours.”Follow us on Social Media

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