SINGAPORE: A woman who has made her home in Singapore explained why she feels freest here and why she made a midlife career switch from being an investment professional to a mental health therapist.

Qi was interviewed by Max Chernov on his YouTube channel in a video published on Monday (June 18).

Having been born in China, educated at Stanford, and worked in New York and other countries, she and her family moved to Singapore six years ago. In Singapore, Ms Qi is happy, calling its system of government the best she’s ever seen.

“This feels good here,” she told Mr Chernow.

While she appeared to agree that Singapore may be authoritarian, she said that the worst things she can’t do in Singapore “aren’t that bad” compared to other places, where even viewing certain websites is monitored.

She also considered where her children could have the best future and said that Singapore was the most welcoming place for them.

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Ms Qi underlined, however, the importance of travel and broadening one’s perspectives since living in the safe “bubble” of Singapore can cause someone to lose their edge.

She even once bought into the idea of Malaysia as “dangerous,” but now says that it’s not that different there, as it is everywhere, except perhaps Singapore, she added.

Travelling with her kids out of Singapore helps them learn when to put on their critical awareness and the alertness needed to stay safe in different areas and be street smart.

This is part of her modified definition of success as an adult.

When asked what part of her is Chinese, she answered that her family values have remained traditional, but being direct is a part of her Western personality, which she needs to keep in check in Asia, where people aren’t nearly as confrontational.

One thing Ms Qi appreciates about Singapore is that it is the place where she feels free. “I don’t look like a minority, and people don’t expect me to be a certain way,” she said.

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While people asked her where she is from, which can be triggering, she added that the question does not feel hostile in Singapore.

When asked what the meaning of life is for her, she answered, “curiosity, freedom, and exploration. For me, it’s to expire the world. You have one chance to walk through it. How much of it are you going to see and experience?” /TISG

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