Home News visits brave serviceman involved in Buona Vista taxi explosion

Shanmugam visits brave SCDF serviceman involved in Buona Vista taxi explosion




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On Sunday, Home Affairs Minister K visited Corporal Eka, the serviceman from the who was involved in an explosion in Buona Vista over the Labour Day weekend. A video of the incident had gone viral online, with many praising the young man for his bravery, and expressing thanks for his courage.

The taxi had caught fire on Commonwealth Avenue. Firefighters had arrived at the scene of the incident which took place in the afternoon. Four of them, including corporal Eka, sustained minor injuries.

Cpl Eka was seen in the video trying to put out the fire when the car exploded.

He sustained first-degree burns to his face and neck.

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On Sunday, Mr Shanmugam posted on his Facebook page:

“I went to his house and met him and his mother. The boy is recovering well. They are the only persons in the household. The father has passed away, and the other children are all overseas.”

The minister said he has alerted Mr Eka’s MP, Tin Pei Ling, who will drop in on the family to offer further assistance.

“The men and women of the Home Team put their lives at risk every day to protect Singapore,” Mr Shanmugam said.

On 1 May, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong had also posted about the incident.

“We often see Singapore Civil Defence Force officers running toward danger to save lives and help others,” Mr Lee said. “Good to learn that the firefighter caught in the blast is ok. He only suffered minor burns, and has been discharged. Hope he and the others injured recover soon.”

*All photos from Mr Shanmugam’s Facebook page.

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