Entertainment Celebrity Selena Gomez: Beauty Behind the Vulnerability Collection

Selena Gomez: Beauty Behind the Vulnerability Collection

Critics who tried her products were not disappointed and they only have glowing praise for the Selena Gomez brand!




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Selena Gomez has once again taken the beauty community by storm after announcing Rare Beauty’s Vulnerable Collection, proving critics wrong, according to Allure.

Photo credits: Instagram screengrab

Photo credits: Instagram screengrab

The performer has always encouraged self-love and embracing individuality through her music and Rare Beauty.

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This time, Gomez’s brand has captured the imagination of those who tried the products and they say they were were not disappointed.

“Everything that we do encourages you to wear makeup however you want while letting your uniqueness shine through,” she said while sharing Rare Beauty’s mission.

Photo credits: Instagram screengrab

After revealing the Vulnerable Collection, fans and the beauty community were left in awe for the performer’s latest inspiration towards achieving an effortlessly natural yet luscious look.

This collection features brand new products with each of them having a range of five shade to compliment every skin tone – and we’re here for it!

Rare Beauty’s Vulnerable Collection brings you:

Photo credits: Instagram screengrab

  • Stay Vulnerable Melting Blush
  • Stay Vulnerable Melting Glossy Lip
  • Stay Vulnerable Liquid Eye Shadow
  • Stay Vulnerable All-Over Eye Shadow Brush

“It takes courage to share your heart, and I think that should be celebrated. Being vulnerable is important to everything I create because it ensures I’m sharing my authentic self and staying true to my vision,” she said.

“Embracing my vulnerability has been a journey; it’s something that I view as a strength now.”

Shop the latest Vulnerable Collection as it goes live on Rare Beauty and Sephora’s online stores TODAY!

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