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SDP’s Dr Chee Soon Juan: They don’t know our difficulties

Dr Chee said things were very expensive because the PAP government keeps increasing prices




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Secretary-general of the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) Dr Chee Soon Juan shared a video where he spoke in Teochew, addressing the elderly, a different demographic of the population.

Dr Chee started off by talking about the high cost of living in Singapore. He said, “You go to the market with $50, buy a couple of things and all your money is gone”.

“Things are so expensive because the PAP government keeps increasing prices”, he explained, citing the increase in the water tax, bus and MRT fares, school fees, gas prices, electricity prices, carpark charges and the possible increase of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) next year.

Quoting Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong during a People’s Action Party (PAP) event, Dr Chee said that despite the incumbent’s promises to help, they raise prices after elections.

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Dr Chee said, “They don’t know our difficulties”.

He also brought up the issue of the Central Provident Fund (CPF), saying that the S$200 or S$300 that the government doles out monthly was not enough to get by. “Many elderly persons suffer and worry, find no way out and commit suicide”, he said.

Dr Chee called for the older, Teochew-speaking community to “help themselves” and to disallow the “PAP from making things more and more expensive”.

“If you don’t want the GST to go up you have to support the SDP”, he added.

In a recent Facebook post, Dr Chee accused the ruling People’s Action Party of prioritising money over people’s lives.

In a Facebook post, he asserted that the padlocking of the fire hose reels shows the PAP prioritises money over people’s lives and highlighted the plight of the three flat occupants who were caught in the blaze.

Watch the full video: /TISG

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