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SDP: Singapore’s sovereignty cannot and must not be compromised by anyone




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The Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) published a statement earlier today about the state of tensions between Singapore and our closest neighbour, Malaysia. In their statement, the SDP pushed for the Republic to stand strong and to guard her territory, but also to maintain civil ties with Malaysia.

In their statement, they wrote, “Singapore’s sovereignty cannot and must not be compromised by anyone and in any form”.

The SDP also emphasized that Singapore should not waver in her stance. They added, “The current dispute with Malaysia presents a situation where we must be resolute in the defence of our sovereignty”.

However, they ultimately pushed for the tensions to be solved through amicalble means.

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“The paramount objective must be to protect the well-being of our people. To this end, we must pursue every avenue to resolve the matter through dialogue and diplomacy. Our survival as a nation is dependent on our good relations with our neighbours”.


TISG reached out to Dr Chee for his comments on the matter.



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