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Scammed Sim Lim customer finds 2TB Toshiba hard disk drive is just a thumb drive with weights




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A customer was reportedly ripped off at Sim Lim Square when he allegedly purchased a 2TB hard disk drive for a “too cheap to be true” price. When he went home, he discovered that the drive kept hanging, couldn’t be reformatted and couldn’t read any files.

It was when the customer pried the drive open that he got a real surprise – he found that the hard drive was really just a thumb drive with weights glued to the case to make it appear heavier and mimic the weight of a real portable hard disk drive.

The drive, which appears to be a Toshiba knockoff, was allegedly bought from a shop on the fourth level of Sim Lim Square.

The customer’s friend posted his plight on Facebook:

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A friend just got #scammed with a "2TB" Toshiba Portable HDD that sounds too cheap to be true. Copy hang, cannot…

Posted by Kelvin Lam on Monday, 16 October 2017

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