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PSA: Best Year End Online Shopping Deal Dates You Should Know in 2017




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Oh, what an online world we live in~!

Holla to all you smart deal hunters out there! To be honest, the names that these companies have created for themselves to encourage spending will probably make you cringe.

But that being said, it’s a waste if you don’t look for the best deals on these 5 dates. Here are the best tips and some of the recommended purchases and strategies to get you the best hunts on those days! We’ll update this list as we proceed on. (updated 5 Sept 2017)

Best shopping days Singapore

P.S: If you were wondering if this is a sponsored post, it is not! Just an unbiased take on some of these smarter way to shop and buy needs you may have. Save this link, mark your calendars and share it with your fellow online shopping friends!

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9.9: ShopBack’s Rewards Day Sept 9th 2017, Saturday

Sept 9th 2017, Saturday

How it originated:

Around 2 years ago, ShopBack and other eCommerce merchants (eg. LAZADA and Shopee) came together to create this special day in Singapore and South-East Asia to get more consumers like you and me to spend more. But if they are really good deals, who’s complaining?

Why is this a good date:

  • ShopBack will actually offer a ton of big cash back and to be honest these ones are less spammy than the other normal day emails you probably get 
  • The best deals which really get me excited are like Expedia (now 11% vs 6%) and Scoot (now 3% vs 1%) these can drive some really big travel savings
  • LAZADA and Shopee also joins in with their respective sales like $9.90 deals 🙂
  • Pro Tip: STACK your cash back online credit cards with ShopBack cash back and the actual deals themselves

10.10: Perfect 10 and Shopee Mobile Day

How it originated:

Learning from the success in the past nice date events (eg. 9.9) again mobile eCommerce players come together to offer the best deals to the users. The one leading this effort for 10.10 is Shopee with the Shopee Mobile Shopping day. Their efforts are largely focused on Indonesian consumers.

Why is this a good date:

  • Based on previous years, Shopee will splurge on a huge budget to bring people to their site 🙂
  • They will also release a series of mobile shopping competitions for the users to participate in, a large number of them focused on Indonesian users

11.11: Taobao Single’s Day

Nov 11th 2017, Saturday

How it originated:

Woohoo, it’s everyone’s favourite Alibaba and their retail online arm – Taobao. It started in 2009 because 11.11 looks like a group of Single ‘1s’ and therefore, it became this. Soon after, all the other eCommerce merchants in SouthEast Asia started following suit and there you go!

Why is this a good date:

  • Taobao and Alibaba affiliated online malls will offer massive discounts
  • In this region, all the eCommerce merchants (eg ShopBack, LAZADA, Shopee etc will join in to support this endeavour)
  • If you like data, over $14.3 Billion in sales in just one day would speak for itself in 2015 alone

11.24: Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Nov 24th 2017, Friday

How it originated:

Since 1952, it has been regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season in the U.S., and most major retailers open very early (and more recently during overnight hours) and offer promotional sales. It also happens to be the day after Thanksgiving in the U.S! Soon after, Cyber Monday followed for a purely online sale and of course South East Asia merchants followed suit as well.

Why is this a good date:

  • This is hands down one of the biggest shopping online events in the world because even the offline shops (eg ZARA, Banana Republic, GAP etc) would offer HUGE discounts
  • You would be able to get deals up to 80 – 90% discounts off retail prices (because usually US retailers would aim to clear their out of season stock (refer here for 2016’s list)
  • We’ll update again for this year

12.12: Online Fever

Dec 12th 2017, Tuesday 

How it originated:

A story behind this was when ZALORA realized the power of the 11.11 campaigns and they started to rally together to rally around this date, thus naming it Online Fever. You can read more about this story here where the ZALORA Tribe illustrates the full glory of this online event. And needless to say, many other eCommerce players in SEA soon followed.

Why is this a good date:

  • Shopping deals all over online (especially fashion online (eg ZALORA) and travel deals)
  • Last minute shopping deals and fast delivery for Christmas

4 Best Tips & Strategy

  • For international shipping, save on the fees via EZBuy or Boderlinx
  • Stack, Stack, and Stack (with ShopBack or Cashback credit cards)
  • Buy online, collect offline
  • Subscribe to mailing lists (and look out for the non-spam type nearing those dates)

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Fun fact, this was actually a crowd-sourced list by our amazing community people in our facebook group!

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