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Police involved after Assumption Pathway School girls use toilet brush & seat to bully special needs student




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The police have gotten involved in the case in which students from Assumption Pathway School heartlessly bullied a fellow student with special needs using a toilet seat and toilet brush.

A video capturing the horrendous incident was first posted as an Instagram by one of the bullies involved in the incident, with a caption in Malay that is translated to: “We’re busy…bullying a retarded child.”


In the original video that did not blur out the victim’s face, the victim appeared shocked and unsure as to what was happening to her, as the bullies hung a toilet seat around her neck and open and close the lid of the seat on the girl’s face.

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The bullies can be heard saying, “You like…Shove it in her, shove it in her!…You’re so disgusting!” as they bully the poor victim. The victim tries to push the toilet brush away when one of the bullies tries to rub it in her face but this earns her a slap with the same brush:

One of the bullies involved in the incident later took to social media and wrote that she is “okay” with the victim:

When netizens pressed her to apologise, the girl replied in Malay: “I’m okay with her, (why do you) want me to apologise? I spend the whole day in school with her and even go to recess with her. We bullied her mildly. My friends and I didn’t go overboard, we weren’t so violent that she died. That’s enough, it’s useless if you start lecturing me because I’m going to bring that girl (to) talk to anyone (to explain) what just happen just now.”

The girl later apologised on Instagram before taking to Facebook and sharing that she truly regrets the incident:


Meanwhile, a netizen who saw the video recorded a copy of it and decided to share it to spread awareness on the case. The netizen, teacher Norashsikin Radzelee, lodged a police report over the matter.

Norashsikin told reporters that she “couldn’t believe that people found her (the girl with the brush) actions funny on Twitter…and some of her friends were supporting her. As a teacher myself, I don’t condone such things. I was outraged and didn’t find it funny at all.”

Norashsikin’s friend, 31-year-old Dana, also lodged a police report and said: “I can’t sit back after watching and sharing the incident online – I knew I had to do something. Therefore, the most legal way of doing it is to report to the police immediately.”

UPDATE: IO Joleen (not sure of the spelling of her name) from Clementi Division had just informed me that the parents'…

Posted by Norashsikin Radzelee on Thursday, 12 April 2018

This evening, Assumption Pathway School principal Mr Eric Leong told reporters that disciplinary action has been taken against the students who were bullying their peer. Mr Leong said: “The actions in the video are unacceptable. We take a strong stand against bullying, and teach our students to care for others. We have since identified the offenders and taken immediate disciplinary action.”

He added: “We are working with their parents to ensure that the offenders are made aware of the serious consequences of their behaviour, and that they will not repeat such behaviour. We are also providing counselling and continued support to the victim.”

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