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Police allegedly refused to take action against assailants despite video evidence




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Facebook user Dan Jives shared that the police refused to take action against two people who assaulted a man despite being provided a video of the assault. The Police claimed that it was a non-arrestable offence and let the men go free after talking to them.

Dan Jives said that the assailants even gestured “I’m watching you” in front of the police officers, but that the officers still did not do anything.

Dan was advised by the Police that he may lodge a complaint with the State Court at his own expense if he wants further action to be taken against the assailants. The man who was beaten up was also advised to do the same, and ask the Court to declare that the assault was one of  ‘causing grievous hurt’.

Dan shared about the assault in the wee hours of Sunday morning and said that he and his wife are now afraid. He asked, “Court only operates from Monday – what if he kill me on Sunday?”

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And added: “The next time you assault someone, don’t worry when the police come. They’ll tell the victim to lodge a complain and you’ll be ask to leave the vicinity.”

The Singapore Police Force’s Resources webpage lists ‘Voluntarily Causing Hurt’ as a non-arrestable offence for which the Police may not ordinarily arrest without a warrant.


Police will first respond to the scene to gather preliminary evidence. Based on this, Police will make an assessment as to the proper course of action to take. Police may initiate investigation into the case or refer the complainant/victim to file a complaint before the Magistrate at the Subordinate Courts as provided for under the law.


You will be issued with a copy of the NP 306 Medical Examination Form and advised to seek immediate medical attention at the nearest hospital or polyclinic. The form is to be submitted to the examining medical officer so that your injuries can be recorded therein as evidence.

You will then need to apply for a medical report from the hospital or polyclinic where you took the medical examination for use as evidence in Court if you intend to pursue the matter by way of a Magistrate’s Complaint. You will be required to pay for the charges incurred for the medical examination and report.”

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