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Pink Dot vs Wear White – What's with the trench warfare?




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Facebook user Adrian Tan referring to the social media trench warfare between the Wear White and Pink Dot camps said how you don’t win people over by making a stand, but by laying down your lives. Adrian who is a Christian has a sister who is openly gay. He is married to one woman and has three children.
Just in case you can’t see his Facebook post, we republish it in full.

A religious group posted on social media to encourage its members to wear white and unite for its values (after it was started by another leader of another religion). This obviously provoked a reaction from people, who don’t believe in wearing white. Cue social media trench warfare. Each side firing anger, fear and hate in the comments.
I didn’t wear white today. White underpants are difficult to maintain. I mess up sometimes. Just like the next person down the street.
I am a husband of one wife and a father of 3 kids. I have a personal relationship with my Lord Jesus Christ, whom I should spend more time with… Instead of hanging out on FB.
BUT I also have an openly gay sister.
That changes everything with all that you were told about in the church.
It’s not “Them”, some scheming agents plotting the downfall of the family and humanity through unisex bathroom signs. It’s closer to home. She’s my sister. Someone who grew up in the same home as I did, who went to the same church as I did. How can I hate her? She’s family, and I love her.
Yes it complicates things. It took me awhile as well to make sense of how this fits in. But like in any relationship, you don’t have to be right. You don’t win people over by making a stand. That’s called laying down your life.
If I were to “wear white”, I’ll take it a notch higher for family values! I’d stand against lust, fornication, adultery, covetousness, greed, anger, strife, and the emotional abandonment of pastors kids!
But perhaps, maybe that just being human. Being afraid of someone who is different than us.
So then, the question is, did Jesus wear white?
I’m not sure about his closet choice but he did some amazing things that changed people.
He detoured to a well and asked for a drink from a woman who had many husbands. The woman was changed.
He looked up to a tax collector in a sycamore tree and went to his house for tea. That dude repaid everyone he cheated on.
Perhaps, something more effective than the color of your clothes is taking the time to understand someone who is different from you. Buying them a drink or a meal seems like a good start.
Stop the trench warfare. Start by dying to yourself. If you can’t bless somebody, you don’t deserve to pray against someone.
For my Christian friends and pastors, this book (Loving My (LGBT) Neighbor: Being Friends in Grace and Truth) may be helpful for changing your perspective.

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