International Business & Economy Perhaps Mindef didn't help develop Dr Ting's company as 'global enterprise' because...

Perhaps Mindef didn’t help develop Dr Ting’s company as ‘global enterprise’ because there was no CFE report yet?




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I read from the newspapers today that the Committee for Future Economy has completed its review and published its report. When I went online to read some of their recommendations, I really want to laugh. In particular, I came across this:

“The Government should streamline its support schemes for enterprises, and review and rationalise the roles and functions of Government agencies that support enterprises in various ways. Government agencies should focus on developing globally competitive enterprises in Singapore.”

When I read this, I immediately remembered about the incident between Dr Ting and MINDEF. If you recall, Dr Ting and his team invented a first-aid mobile station prior to 2011. They then went to see MINDEF to try to interest them to adopt their invention. But MINDEF didn’t and nothing was ever heard from MINDEF again.

Dr Ting told the media that they knew of MINDEF’s own mobile casualty station only after MINDEF highlighted it in the run-up to National Day Parade in 2011 to improve its emergency response capabilities (source: Asiaone).

So how come MINDEF didn’t support Dr Ting and help develop his company into a “global enterprise”?

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Perhaps Minister Ng Eng Hen will say that the Future Economy Committee’s report wasn’t published yet as an excuse?

Republished from the Facebook page ‘We want Minister Grace Fu to resign‘.

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