International Business & Economy People should come curios and leave inspired at Empiricon.Asia: organiser

People should come curios and leave inspired at Empiricon.Asia: organiser




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Empiricon, Singapore’s premier conference presented by Tabula Rasa, advocates knowledge driven conversations through sensory experiences.

With the evolution of technology rapidly shaping our future world, this year’s topic will focus on deep-tech solutions for sustainability.

In this interview, Carrie Liauw, the Founder and Director of Tabula Rasa and organiser of Empiricon.Asia replies to our queries. We asked Carrie what motivated the organisers to hold this event?

Carrie Liauw: Two main reasons. There are many conferences, way too many sometimes. More often than not, the conferences we see happen, or even the ones we organise, are pretty standard. Empiricon wants to do it a bit differently, we engage the senses to create an experience when coupled with the curation of content, a true sensory experience that drives knowledge happens.
“We have always believed that events are merely a platform, a platform for the right people to come together to do something. Choosing “deep-tech for sustainability” as our first topic is meaningful for us. These are two topics very close to our hearts and we want to know how deep-tech can truly help the world achieve sustainability. We hope that through Empiricon, people will come in curious, stay because they’re inspired to learn, and leave feeling empowered to do a little more.
The Independent: Do you plan to expand with such events in other Asean countries? 
Absolutely. The more people we can impact on the work we do, why not?
With technology that advanced today, do you think the world of events will also be transformed into more AR/VR?
It certainly is already happening with hologram keynote speakers, virtual reality viewing for audiences.
The problem with such technology is that it’s extremely expensive to implement and not everyone sees the value of using tech at events yet because it’s currently being seen as add-ons or “good to have”, not a “must-have”.
It’s actually more sustainable to implement technology into events – if we use LED screens, we’re saving a lot on wood for backdrops, to give one example.
We can only keep pushing for more digitisation at events, even if it comes at a cost. I do believe that the industry will gradually get on board with it, it just takes time, like most things.
What can we expect from this year’s event?

Empiricon brings together the best minds in sustainability, deep-tech and innovation. We explore how experiencing the challenges together, starting conversations, and building a strong and vested community can drive change for a better future.

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The event takes place on September 19, at the Sands Expo and Convention Centre.

Empiricon has brought on board a few notable personnel in the field of sustainability. They are:
1. Dr. Yeoh Lean Weng, Director for Urban Solutions and Sustainability, National Research Foundation (NRF)
2. Dr. Ben Goertzel, CEO, SingularityNET
3. Reez Nordin, Venture Partner, Monk’s Hill Venture
4. Willy Wong, Co-Founder, Brand, Marketing & Technical Development, DataVLT
5. Marc Seitz, Co-Founder & CTO, Hackerbay

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