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People of different races came together to help accident victim and his grandson




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Facebook user Khairul Farhan shared about how different people voluntarily came forward to help an old man who was involved in an accident. He said that the concerns of people from different ethnicity and how they put their concerns into actions, was very heartwarming.

The accident happened on 22 Jul at about 7.30pm and involved an old man who was riding his bicycle with his grandson. The user’s post has gone viral with over 2,000 shares.

Just in case you can’t see the post, this is what Khairul Farhan said.

What happened last night reaffirmed my beliefs that RACIAL HARMONY is still strong in Singapore !

About 7:30pm last night, I was about to chase a bus back home at Elias CC. Then a woman yelled “that old man fell down”
My wife and I turned and we saw that an old man fell off his bike. We got nearer by walking and realized he was bleeding. It then turned into a sprint.

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I yelled to my wife to call the ambulance while I dug my bag for a shirt. I immediately applied pressure on his head where he was bleeding from. He was shivering and muttering. I continued applying pressure and carried him up to sit at the ledge. At that point of time all I could think of is to stop his bleeding as it has already went down to his shirt.

Out of nowhere, a few passer by came by to help.
1) a Chinese woman shielded the old man with an umbrella while asking the old man for his family member’s contact.
2) An Indian man came to us and took the old man’s bicycle aside (it was still in front of me)
3) An Malay man rushed to the nearest clinic and called the doctor to help
4) a Bangladeshi man stood behind me to shield me and the old man from the rain while I was still applying pressure.

The scary part to me was holding the shirt and feeling it getting heavier and warmer. I didn’t want to apply too much till I hurt the uncle nor do I want to be too soft till blood keeps flowing.

Shortly after, the doctor that the Indian man went to get, came down. He came with an assistant. I relieved my position and the doctor covered the old man’s wound with a gauze. While this was happening :

1) Malay man was constantly looking out for the ambulance
2) the Chinese woman got a hold of the old man’s family and comforted the old man that they are on their way
3) the Indian man gave his wet tissues to my wife so she could wipe blood of the old man’s hand and face
4) the Bangladeshi man was still using his umbrella to cover the old man and also the doctor

Like what it seems to be forever, the ambulance finally came. Bringing the old man and his grandson to the hospital.

I don’t even know the names of the people who helped me last night but I was truly touched and moved by the unconditional help by our fellow Singaporeans (and Foreign help!!)

What gave me hope that the uncle can make it was that he was even asking for his bicycle when he was being put on the ambulance ?

Thank you my wife Jenny Insyirah Farhanah Lim for calling the ambulance and aided them to come to the exact location. Then also helping the uncle wipe off the blood on his face and hands.

But most of all, to those people who rushed down and help, thank you very much. I am extremely touched (‘:

Edit : it was the Malay man that went to the clinic to get the doctor.

Initially I saw the doctor with the Indian man so I thought he was the one who called the doctor. My wife just told me it was actually the Malay man. But nevertheless, everyone did a wonderful job ! Teamwork to help the uncle was amazing ! Thank you every who helped !

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