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Parents violently beat up cleaner after she tries to stop their child from pooping on the street




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A female cleaner in China was violently beaten up by a couple after she tried to stop their child from pooping on the street, at Mei Shan Park in Ruzhou city, in the Henan province of China recently.

According to Chinese television channel, the Hunan TV Urban Channel, 66-year-old cleaner Yao Xiang noticed a boy pooping on the streets just as she finished sweeping the streets around the park. Yao Xiang hurried forward and asked the boy’s young parents to take their child to one of the two public restrooms that are available nearby.

Yao Xiang even offered to the parents that they could let their son finish pooping in a flower bed and said that she would clean up the poop herself, if the parents did not want to bring the boy to the restroom.

The young parents, however, became upset at Yao Xiang. She told the channel, “They told me: You’re just a street cleaner, what do you know? They then started scolding me. I retorted: I’m just telling you not to let your kid poop here, and you scold me?”

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Another cleaner in the vicinity who witnessed the argument alleged that the young parents even threatened to smear poop on Yao Xiang’s face if she did not leave them be.

The altercation soon grew physical and the incensed parents violently beat the elderly cleaner. Yao Xiang reported that the child’s mother spat on her face and punched her head several times. A viral video of the incident also shows the father of the child pulling Yao Xiang’s hair after she falls to the ground, while his wife tells the passerby filming the scene to stop filming.

The parents reportedly only stopped their attack after passersby called the police. The police later apprehended the couple and brought them to the police station, while Yao Xiang was sent to the hospital where doctors found that her left hand was swollen.

The Chinese channel reported that the parents are remorseful and are planning on paying for Yao Xiang’s medical bills. The parents reportedly seek the elderly cleaner’s forgiveness for their atrocious behaviour.

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