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Paragliding accident in India causes death of brave Singaporean who rescued a girl and her mother after Sulawesi quake




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Singaporean paraglider Ng Kok Choong was found dead on Tuesday, October 23, after a paragliding accident in India, not even a month after he survived the 7.4-magnitude earthquake in Indonesia’s Central Sulawesi province. After the earthquake, Ng, along with a Belgian paraglider, rescued a girl and her mother who were trapped under fallen debris.

Ng, a retired real estate agent, was in Bir Billing in Himachal Pradesh to participate in the 2018 Paragliding World Cup, which is slated to start this Saturday, October 27.

Details on an official obituary published on the Air Sports Federation (ASF) of Singapore website showed that Ng had taken off with his paragliding equipment at about 11AM on Monday. He did not return to his hotel after the flight and was found dead the next day.

“We are deeply saddened to hear about the passing of our beloved friend, Ng Kok Choong, a beautiful soul who flew with us these many years,” said the AFS.

Apparently, when Ng had taken off, the weather was fine, but it slowly turned and became worse, with strong winds that sealed a terrible deal for Ng.

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On Tuesday, October 23, a day after he went missing, Ng was found by dead by the Indian authorities, who were roving in a helicopter, according to the ASF.

The ASF shared this statement about Ng:

“He was selfless, brave and always moving for the next challenge … Coming from a commando background during his national service years, his always-can-do attitude was highly appreciated and admired by his mates.

We pray for your soul, our dear friend. We will miss you. Rest in peace.”

An Indian news site reported that according to officials, Ng, who was 53 at the time, most likely lost control because of strong winds and crash-landed on the other side of the mountains in the hills of the Utrala region in the Baijnath area where, according to another news site, his body was found.

Indian authorities are also handling another similar case of a Spanish paraglider who has been missing since Sunday.

Last month, Ng was in Palu, Indonesia, to attend a paragliding competition, when the 7.4-magnitude earthquake struck the area, followed by a tsunami that wreaked havoc in the capital of the central Sulawesi province.

Ng had left his hotel to go the paragliding festival along with Belgian paraglider Francois de Neuville when the earthquake hit. When they ran back to their hotel to get to safety, they saw a young girl and her mother trapped under fallen rubble.

Ng and de Neuville worked to rescue the girl, and a few hours later, Ng helped pull the mother out of the rubble as well.

Ng and about 60 other foreigners were evacuated by Indonesian military transport and returned to Singapore on September 30.

His heroic actions will be remembered.

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