Featured News Oxygen cylinder explosion could have downed MH370

Oxygen cylinder explosion could have downed MH370

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Malaysia Airlines flight 370 remains the biggest mystery in aviation history and the lack of parts surfacing from the incident poses more questions as to its disappearance

Malaysia Airlines flight 370 may have fallen apart in the sky after a “massive explosion” of an oxygen cylinder on board, an expert has suggested.

En route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing MH370 went missing on March 8, 2014 with 239 people on board. It has since then been missing with experts giving all kinds of possible scenarios on its disappearance.

One mystery is why there was no radio call or distress signal sent out by the pilots. No one knows the answer but aviation journalist David Learmount proposed a theory that might explain this on the Channel 5 documentary ‘Flight MH370’.

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In the article that appeared in the Express UK on the Channel 5 documentary, the expert is quoted as saying, “One of the things that comes a bit closer to offering some kind of explanation would be a massive explosion of the oxygen cylinder on board that caused the aircraft to fall apart.

“There would have been no time for a radio call or anything like that.”

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The British newspaper says the theory does not add up though because the plane could not have blown into pieces in the South China Sea since the Thai and Malaysian military radar shows the plane turned 180 degrees and flew down the boundary between airspaces.

Which indicates it was still in the air for a longer period than a blown oxygen cylinder might have allowed it to be.

In the absence of parts floating in the seas in Southeast Asia – which indicates the plane did not explode in mid-air in the region – two confirmed pieces of the aircraft have washed up on Reunion Island and Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. Another part was recovered on the beach of Tanzania on the east coast of Africa.

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Since then, no other parts have been recovered, deepening the mystery of the missing airliner.

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