Home News Onus is on Dr Mahathir to prove sincerity towards Anwar: Analysts

Onus is on Dr Mahathir to prove sincerity towards Anwar: Analysts




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Onus is on Dr Mahathir to prove sincerity towards Anwar: Analysts

By Kazi Mahmood

An analyst who followed and commented widely on the reformasi movement in Malaysia for the last 15 years called on Malaysian PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad to act with sincerity with regards to Anwar Ibrahim.

In an op-ed in WFTV this week, Cordoba.Ali reminded Dr Mahathir that the events of 1998 are not that far in history and “the people who drowned Anwar were still active behind the current aggressive and negative campaign against Anwar.”

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He also advised Dr Mahathir to show his true colours or to decide once and for all on his retirement plans, instead of the twists and turns he is fermenting in the local and foreign media.

Grilled on the BBC Hardtalk show by Zainab Badawi, Dr Mahathir appeared ‘unsincere’ in his answers on when he plans to quit the post ot Prime Minister,” said another analyst.

MIS, a well known Islamic religious book writer, said Dr Mahathir has been too cosy in power and is being harassed by the powers that be during the 1998 firing and jailing of Anwar Ibrahim.

Lambasting the elderly statesman, MIS said ‘Dr Mahathir must show more sincerity. He should not do what he is doing, that is fuelling instability among the Pakatan Harapan. He has to be more sincere and tell the people who voted for the PH he is leaving unconditionally in 18 months.”

MIS added to The Independent that Dr M showed a lack of sincerity on several issues regarding his answers on whether Anwar Ibrahim will become PM after he resigns, “because he believes he has the Pakatan Harapan leaders within his grip.”

Both Cordoba and MIS advises Dr Mahathir to look into the history of the Pakatan-Reformasi movement to realise the role played by Anwar Ibrahim in the fall of the Barisan Nasional regime.

Another analyst, KC Cheah, an Associate Fellow of the Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad Thoughts Institute wrote: “In a world with no Anwar, there’ll be no Reformasi, no strong Pakatan alliance that laid the groundwork in previous elections, that sowed the seeds of a strong opposition.

“Altogether, in a world with no 2018-era Dr Mahathir, there will be no crucial support from the rural Malay hinterlands that tipped the scale in GE14.”

Cheah believes there are many within the Bersatu of Dr Mahathir and among Dr Mahathir’s circles who do not agree with the aggressive and offensive campaign against Anwar Ibrahim.

While this says a lot on the internal circle of Dr Mahathir, Cordoba.Ali said it is indicative that the Bersatu and the people surrounding the PM knows the identity of the people who are fanning this campaign of distortions against the former deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia.

“I know who they are. They are the ex-Parti Islam Se-Malaysia (PAS) members who did not join Amanah (splinter PAS party) and who are on the fence but are supporters of the PH.

“They are also ex-Umno men and women who just recently joined the Pakatan Harapan voters to help overthrow the kleptocrat regime. But they both (the ex-PAS and ex-Umno) has an aversion towards Anwar’s leadership in the PH.

“The PH does not belong to these opportunists. They will run away from PH as soon as they get an opportunity,” he said to The Independent.

“Yes, maybe Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad can help stop the dirty campaign launched by some to undermine Anwar Ibrahim. Dr Mahathir knows who they are. He is the Prime Minister, it is impossible that he does not know who they actually are. They are the deep pockets behind him.

“Anwar also knows who they are, because they cannot play out this political animal without him knowing who these masterminds are.

“And the dirty players, they also know that Dr Mahathir and Anwar are very aware of their identity,” wrote Cordoba.Ali in his missive against the perpetrators of the anti-Anwar campaign.

He said they are deep pockets – deeper than Dr M and Anwar’s pockets – and they are trying to keep DR Mahathir as PM and prevent Anwar from entering the Parliament and to halt the reforms in the country, he wrote.

“But eventually all of this will be lost. Dr Mahathir will have to retire and step down from the Prime Minister’s seat. Remember, the people have turned away from such dirty games,” he wrote, adding that “But I’m sure Dr M has given them space – though he may not have planned it that way – and this is really what happened in 1998.”

MIS told The Independent that Dr Mahathir will lose the fight this time around.

“In 1998, helped by the people – ex-Ministers and Minister close to him – he defeated Anwar. This time, it is his defeat that he is contemplating if he has anything to do with the current dirty campaign against Anwar,” said MIS.

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